Our Special Offers and Discount Prices




Ferienhaus 23


Phone: +36 20 / 9833-338
Email: info@ferienhaussiofok.eu
Address: H-8600 Siofok
Szent László u. 31/d


É.Sz.: 46.915375
K.h.: 18.069712

Our Special Offers and Discount Prices

Offers for Families accommodation is - free of charge for children 0-3 years of age - 50 % discount for youngsters 4-12 years of age (3EUR) (price depending on the number of visitors)
Special offer for more visitors discount from the total charge over 8 adult visitors (e.g.high season: charge for 8= 85 EUR + 8x 6EUR = 133EUR (x 0.95)= 126 EUR


Last minute bookings

When our house is available for only a few days (e.g 2 days from 11. 07- 13 07) between 2 advance bookings , we can offer a discount of 20% on the total price

(e.g.high season : 8 visitors = 85 EUR + (8 x 6 EUR) = 133 EUR x0.95 = 126EUR x 0.8 = 101 EUR


If you have a flexible schedule for your summer holiday ,you like our villa and are interested in our discount prices, please send us an e-mail and we will let you know about our last minute offers. Thus you will not have to keep checking our calendar. You might as well inform us about a period you are possibly interested in. (e.g 15.07 - 20.08)


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